Unusual Places to Register for Your Wedding

Wedding Gift RegistryRegistering for wedding gifts is a fun activity for most couples. However, many modern couples are choosing to register with online retailers that are far different from the stores previous generations of couples registered at.

Many young couples are saving up to own a home of their own or renovate a home they have already purchased. As a result, it has become trendy for couples to register with websites where friends and family can gift them with money that will go toward buying or renovating a new house. To struggling couples this can be a much more meaningful gift than store bought merchandise.

Online retailer Amazon also supports wedding registries. When couples register with Amazon their guests will have tons of items to choose from at every price point imaginable. There are few items that can’t be purchased from Amazon, making it great for couples who want a diverse registry for their guests to choose from. Its diversity also lies in the fact that registered couples have the option of asking for gifts from e-commerce sites other than Amazon. It may be a common place to register, but it is definitely an unconventional place register for your wedding by historical standards.

For couples who are strapped for cash or just don’t want their house cluttered with gifts can sign up with a website that gives them their own personalized page where wedding guests can choose the gifts that they want to give. Many of these sites will even allow guests to attach a digital greeting card to their cash gift.

The “I Do” Foundation is a popular option with modern couples as it allows them to ask their guests for donations to the charity of their choice. Guests can securely make their donations online and couples will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping out others during this time of celebration.

Another way for couples to help out those in need is to register with a website such as Ten Thousand Villages, which allows couples’ guests to purchase handmade gifts that were constructed with locally obtained materials. Even better, the profit the company makes goes to pay its employees, all of whom are women struggling to support themselves and their families. The company has been in business since 1946 and has a long history of saving people from unemployment and paying their employees’ wages they can comfortably live off of.

Couples whose honeymoon destination includes any resort, hotel or town with a spa will often ask their guests for the spa’s gift cards. This is a gift that both bride and groom can enjoy as many spas, especially in popular honeymoon destination, offer couples spa packages.

Speaking of the honeymoon there are websites where couples can register to receive cash gifts that they will use to pay for their honeymoon. A couple’s guests can then choose to purchase products or services.

There is no reason for couples to limit themselves to only the traditional wedding gift registries. Couples have so many options at their disposal that registering for a wedding has drastically changed.

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