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Planning a Destination Wedding in Rome

For many couples, the destination of their wedding day dreams is Rome. The city is so beautiful that U.S. based celebrities such as Mena Suvari has gotten married there. But planning a wedding in any far off destination, including Rome, has its own challenges that you’ll need to overcome. The first step in planning a […]

Tips for Choosing Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Typically, couples choose to have the traditional “bride and groom” figurines for the cake toppers on their wedding cake. However, as the tradition becomes more and more overplayed, more couples are choosing to do something a bit more unique. Though there are several options from which to choose, one of the most popular choices are […]

3 Ideas to Save on Your Wedding

Weddings can be one of the most fun and exciting days of your life, but they can also be very stressful if you have a strict budget. Budget constraints can quickly ruin the magic because that certain dress you’ve had your eye on can quickly become unobtainable if the costs run over on large expenses […]

Men’s Wedding Suit Tips

Though the groom’s suit usually takes the backseat to the bride’s wedding dress, having a few reliable suit buying tips can save you time and money which will allow you to focus on more important parts of the planning process. Though the groom’s suit receives less praise than the other fashion components, it is still […]