Planning a Destination Wedding in Rome

RomeFor many couples, the destination of their wedding day dreams is Rome. The city is so beautiful that U.S. based celebrities such as Mena Suvari has gotten married there. But planning a wedding in any far off destination, including Rome, has its own challenges that you’ll need to overcome.

The first step in planning a destination wedding in Rome is to determine the budget, which must include the airfare to and from Rome as well as any desired honeymoon arrangements when choosing the same location for both. Every one attending the wedding, including the couple themselves and the wedding party, must have valid passports.

To accommodate everyone many couples will search for villas in and around the section of Rome they wish to get married in. Finding a wedding and reception venue that are the same or are very close to each other is also required.

When searching for a venue couples must determine if their wedding is to be a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. Couples that wish to have a civil ceremony must ensure they fill out the proper paperwork in advance.

There are guidelines that Catholic couples having a religious ceremony must comply with. This includes obtaining freedom letters that state the bride and the groom are single, as well as confirmations and copies of any certificates obtained when baptized by the Catholic Church. Couples need to book a date in advance to sign the needed Declaration of Intent to Marry. Any Catholic wedding held in Rome must be held in a church according to the law.

A couple that wishes to have a civil ceremony must do so in designated halls only. Four venues where a civil ceremony can be held in Rome are Sala Azzurra, Sala Rossa, Villa Lais and Santa Maria (located in Tempulo.)

Symbolic ceremonies can be held in any number of venue types, such as restaurants, museums and villas. All other types of ceremonies can be held anywhere that a couple’s religion permits them to take place.

Invitations for a destination wedding in Rome should be ordered four months before the wedding. They should be delivered to invited guests three months before the wedding, in order to ensure all the guests have extra time to plan for their arrival in Rome. When the invitations are sent out couples should be sure to include a list of hotels they recommend for their guests as well as if there will be any wedding related events that guests are invited to, this information should also be included.

Couples are advised to arrive in Rome a minimum of four days before the wedding. This allows for enough time to get all the necessary paperwork and documents submitted in order to make the wedding legally binding. It also allows for time to finalize decisions such as the wedding cake, alcohol being served at the reception and/or cocktail hour and the wedding reception menu.

When you make your traveling plans to Rome, you need to decide with you can and cannot take with you on the plane. There are going to be some obvious things that you won’t take with you such as wedding sparklers that aren’t allowed on planes or a tuxedo rental which you can source locally. Space is the ultimate enemy when packing for a destination wedding since additional checked bags are so expensive, so be prepared to make some hard choices ahead of time to make packing a simpler chore.

Your destination wedding in Rome is sure to be amazing if you plan the details ahead of time, give yourself plenty of time in the country before your wedding day, and pack intelligently for your trip.

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