Decorating Your Wedding Car

Wedding Car DecorationsYou don’t have to have a flare for design or a massive budget to do a good job decorating your wedding car, and you also don’t need to do a cliché maneuver like tying tin cans to the back of it either. With just a few simple tips and tricks, you can decorate your wedding car to look elegant and fun for a small amount of money and hardly any effort at all.

Why You Should Decorate Your Wedding Car

Decorating your wedding car can be a really fun way to add your own personal touch to a wedding celebration. Arguably, your car decorations can make just as large of an impact as the ceremony or reception decorations but cost much less and take a fraction of the time and effort. Though your guests will be spending most of their time in the reception venue, letting everyone know you were “just married” and making a huge fuss as you leave after your wedding is just as important. While decorating at your actual wedding allows your guests to celebrate, decorating your wedding car allows everyone on the road to celebrate with you as well.

How Not to Decorate Your Car

If you follow the traditional rules for your wedding, the groomsmen are supposed to sneak out and decorate your “getaway” car without either the bride or groom being aware it is happening. However, this can cause some major issues if you have rented a car or limo like many couples do for their wedding. Furthermore, some people choose to have a vintage or classic car for their wedding vehicle which can easily be damaged if someone “decorates” in an inappropriate fashion. The last thing you want is for it to go overboard or actually damage the vehicle, so having your hand in the wedding car decorations is probably the best choice.

How You Should Decorate Your Car

Instead of letting a bunch of dudes go crazy with cans and shaving all over your car (most of who have probably been drinking) you should plan your car decorations in the same fashion that you plan all your other wedding decorations. Take your time and put all of your inspiration into the project so that it doesn’t end up looking rushed at the 11th hour and looks fantastic.

When to Decorate Your Wedding Car

If you are decorating the car as a surprise for the bride and groom, you’ll want to do some sleuthing and figure out the exact schedule for the wedding day. This should allow you to find an appropriate time to sneak off and get the car decorated. If you are going to decorate the car yourselves, you can either do it ahead of time so it’s waiting for you after your reception or you can make it a fun part of the reception by bringing the wedding party outside to help your decorate as your guest look on in excitement.