Creating a Wedding Time Capsule

Time CapsuleWeddings are a fun and timeless event, so why not have your guests help you create time capsule to remember the event? Time capsules have been used for all sorts of events that are worthy of remembrance, and a wedding certainly fits that bill. On top of the importance of your wedding that makes it a great candidate for having a time capsule, your guests will have an unforgettable time helping you stuff it full of all kinds of items that will be fun and even silly when you open it down the road. Though it isn’t the most common practice at a wedding, this type of unique and fun idea can make your wedding stand out from the other weddings your guests will attend this year.

What to Put in Your Time Capsule

There are many great choices for what to put in your time capsule, but many of the choices are up to you. In fact, it’s that very type of personalization that makes a wedding time capsule such a fun and unique idea! Most people plan a pre-wedding party to get photos of their friends and family to include in the time capsule, as well as gather all the trinkets and mementos your guests want to include. If you are having trouble getting your guests excited about contributing fun things to put into your time capsule, you can always offer some kind of food or beverage as an incentive for their participation.

Where to Put Your Time Capsule

While most people would immediately think that burying their time capsule is the right thing to do, it is actually a risky choice that should probably not be made. The fact is that the ground can fluctuate vastly in temperature from winter to summer, and most time capsule shells can’t handle those types of changes very well. Also, if you plan to move before you would be opening you time capsule, then there’s the additional hassle of digging it up and re-burying it at your new home.

Opening Your Time Capsule

First off, you need to set a date when you’re putting your time capsule together. Most couples choose common anniversary dates such as their 25th anniversary for the date that they will be opening it. Furthermore, you will want to make sure you have a good guest list put together so you know who needs to be there when it is opened. Though the contents are intended for you as the bride and groom, some of your closest friends and family will want to be part of opening and viewing the contents after a whopping 25 years; especially since no one person will know all of the contents in advance.