3 Ideas to Save on Your Wedding

Change PurseWeddings can be one of the most fun and exciting days of your life, but they can also be very stressful if you have a strict budget. Budget constraints can quickly ruin the magic because that certain dress you’ve had your eye on can quickly become unobtainable if the costs run over on large expenses such as your venue or reception hall. Fortunately, by using a little restraint and a few key tips, you can trim the fat from your wedding expenses in some areas that can quickly get out of control and ensure that you have the budget room for the important purchases that will make your day unforgettable.

Plan it Like a Party

One of the easiest ways to keep costs in check is to think of your wedding as a party. Almost everyone has planned a party, so you are likely familiar with the idea of deciding on cheaper plastic forks or paper plates so you can spend a little extra on a wider variety or better quality food and snacks. If you think of your wedding purchases in the same way, you can invest your budget on all the right things that people will remember and save on the things that people don’t really care about. Know need to have crystal glasses for your fruit punch.

Look for a Large Open Space

Your venue will be one of the most expensive things that you have to fork out cash for during the wedding planning process. If you choose to have separate venues for your ceremony and reception, the costs can quickly eat up the majority of your wedding budget. The sensible thing to do, if you live in a warm area or are having your wedding in a warm season, is to look for a large outdoor space that can accommodate both parts of the celebration. Not only will this save you money versus booking two separate venues, but you can also usually find outdoor spaces for cheaper than indoor halls. A nice outdoor space can also make a better choice for decorating options because of the large quantity of space and natural beauty that has already given you a head start.

Big Fun, Low Money

Another concept that will help you save is to choose options that offer tons of fun for you and your guests but cost less than their traditional counterpart. For instance, instead of hiring a wedding photographer, you can rent a photo booth to get pictures of all of your guests. Honestly, so many people are going to be taking of your ceremony and the “big kiss” that someone is going to get a great picture. Also, with social media being so prevalent, gathering all the photos from your guests is very easy. There are several other great examples, but that should give you some ideas about thinking outside the box and how it can save you money on your wedding.