Unusual Places to Register for Your Wedding

Wedding Gift RegistryRegistering for wedding gifts is a fun activity for most couples. However, many modern couples are choosing to register with online retailers that are far different from the stores previous generations of couples registered at.

Many young couples are saving up to own a home of their own or renovate a home they have already purchased. As a result, it has become trendy for couples to register with websites where friends and family can gift them with money that will go toward buying or renovating a new house. To struggling couples this can be a much more meaningful gift than store bought merchandise.

Online retailer Amazon also supports wedding registries. When couples register with Amazon their guests will have tons of items to choose from at every price point imaginable. There are few items that can’t be purchased from Amazon, making it great for couples who want a diverse registry for their guests to choose from. Its diversity also lies in the fact that registered couples have the option of asking for gifts from e-commerce sites other than Amazon. It may be a common place to register, but it is definitely an unconventional place register for your wedding by historical standards.

For couples who are strapped for cash or just don’t want their house cluttered with gifts can sign up with a website that gives them their own personalized page where wedding guests can choose the gifts that they want to give. Many of these sites will even allow guests to attach a digital greeting card to their cash gift.

The “I Do” Foundation is a popular option with modern couples as it allows them to ask their guests for donations to the charity of their choice. Guests can securely make their donations online and couples will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping out others during this time of celebration.

Another way for couples to help out those in need is to register with a website such as Ten Thousand Villages, which allows couples’ guests to purchase handmade gifts that were constructed with locally obtained materials. Even better, the profit the company makes goes to pay its employees, all of whom are women struggling to support themselves and their families. The company has been in business since 1946 and has a long history of saving people from unemployment and paying their employees’ wages they can comfortably live off of.

Couples whose honeymoon destination includes any resort, hotel or town with a spa will often ask their guests for the spa’s gift cards. This is a gift that both bride and groom can enjoy as many spas, especially in popular honeymoon destination, offer couples spa packages.

Speaking of the honeymoon there are websites where couples can register to receive cash gifts that they will use to pay for their honeymoon. A couple’s guests can then choose to purchase products or services.

There is no reason for couples to limit themselves to only the traditional wedding gift registries. Couples have so many options at their disposal that registering for a wedding has drastically changed.

Being Prepared for Anything on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Emergency KitWhile everyone hopes their own wedding day goes smoothly you still need to be prepared for anything that could happen. This means being flexible and understanding that it is inevitable that something will go wrong on the big day. You must maintain your composure no matter how big or small it is. The more open minded you are about your wedding day the more likely it is to be a success.

Being prepared for last minute guests canceling is something every couple fears but many have to face. In most cases, venues refuse to offer a refund for any guest who fails to show up for the wedding or reception. Though this is unfortunate it is a possibility you need to be prepared for. One of my best tips for dealing with a wedding day mishap like this is to be aware that it might happen in advance and stay cool on your wedding day.

There is always the potential for something to go wrong with one of the vendors on your wedding day. This can result in a small mistake to the wedding cake or other similar issues. While these can be stressful and disappointing there is no need to allow them to ruin your special day. Another aspect of your wedding in which you must be prepared for anything is when it comes to how well your guests interact with each other. To facilitate this, try to separate guests that don’t like each other by placing them at separate tables for the wedding reception and seats far apart during the ceremony.

As much as your DJ should enhance your wedding reception sometimes they don’t provide the level of service they should and this is also something you should be prepared for. The more you meet with your DJ before the wedding the more confident you should be able to be that he or she will do right by you. Yet sometimes a DJ will try to take over the reception and make decisions you don’t agree with it. It helps to appoint a member of the wedding party to consult with the DJ throughout the reception to ensure he or she is doing everything correctly.

Wardrobe malfunctions are also something you should be prepared for on your wedding day. This means having a wedding emergency kit on hand in the event that someone’s dress, tuxedo or shoes become damaged. The emergency kit should include items such as a needle and thread, safety pins, clear nail polish (for fixing runs in stockings,) chalk, measuring tape, a compact mirror, small scissors, nail files and scotch tape. One member of the bridal party should be tasked with making sure the emergency kit is stocked and available.

Delays happen at almost every wedding, so if you are not able to being the ceremony on time, do not stress about it. Most weddings start later than they were scheduled to and most venues take this into consideration when taking bookings.

At the end of the day, as long as you and your partner exchange your vows, anything else that goes wrong should be water under the bridge.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Rome

RomeFor many couples, the destination of their wedding day dreams is Rome. The city is so beautiful that U.S. based celebrities such as Mena Suvari has gotten married there. But planning a wedding in any far off destination, including Rome, has its own challenges that you’ll need to overcome.

The first step in planning a destination wedding in Rome is to determine the budget, which must include the airfare to and from Rome as well as any desired honeymoon arrangements when choosing the same location for both. Every one attending the wedding, including the couple themselves and the wedding party, must have valid passports.

To accommodate everyone many couples will search for villas in and around the section of Rome they wish to get married in. Finding a wedding and reception venue that are the same or are very close to each other is also required.

When searching for a venue couples must determine if their wedding is to be a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. Couples that wish to have a civil ceremony must ensure they fill out the proper paperwork in advance.

There are guidelines that Catholic couples having a religious ceremony must comply with. This includes obtaining freedom letters that state the bride and the groom are single, as well as confirmations and copies of any certificates obtained when baptized by the Catholic Church. Couples need to book a date in advance to sign the needed Declaration of Intent to Marry. Any Catholic wedding held in Rome must be held in a church according to the law.

A couple that wishes to have a civil ceremony must do so in designated halls only. Four venues where a civil ceremony can be held in Rome are Sala Azzurra, Sala Rossa, Villa Lais and Santa Maria (located in Tempulo.)

Symbolic ceremonies can be held in any number of venue types, such as restaurants, museums and villas. All other types of ceremonies can be held anywhere that a couple’s religion permits them to take place.

Invitations for a destination wedding in Rome should be ordered four months before the wedding. They should be delivered to invited guests three months before the wedding, in order to ensure all the guests have extra time to plan for their arrival in Rome. When the invitations are sent out couples should be sure to include a list of hotels they recommend for their guests as well as if there will be any wedding related events that guests are invited to, this information should also be included.

Couples are advised to arrive in Rome a minimum of four days before the wedding. This allows for enough time to get all the necessary paperwork and documents submitted in order to make the wedding legally binding. It also allows for time to finalize decisions such as the wedding cake, alcohol being served at the reception and/or cocktail hour and the wedding reception menu.

When you make your traveling plans to Rome, you need to decide with you can and cannot take with you on the plane. There are going to be some obvious things that you won’t take with you such as wedding sparklers that aren’t allowed on planes or a tuxedo rental which you can source locally. Space is the ultimate enemy when packing for a destination wedding since additional checked bags are so expensive, so be prepared to make some hard choices ahead of time to make packing a simpler chore.

Your destination wedding in Rome is sure to be amazing if you plan the details ahead of time, give yourself plenty of time in the country before your wedding day, and pack intelligently for your trip.

Ideas for Blue Wedding Favors

Most weddings follow a certain color scheme or pattern, and your reception is likely going to be the same. Every bride is going to have their own preference for what color of decorations they will be using, so companies that make items for weddings are usually pretty versatile with their color options. To make the entire scheme complete at your wedding, you will want your wedding favors to match the rest of the items at your wedding reception. Fortunately, there is just as much versatility in the wedding favors market as there is in the decorations market.

One of the most popular colors to see at a wedding is blue. To complete your look, you will want to buy blue wedding favors if you are going to have blue decorations. Fortunately, there is several great choices for blue wedding favors on the market today, and many of them are items you are familiar with that happen to come in the color blue.

Blue Sailboat Tea Light Holders

Blue Sailboat Tea Light HolderBlue sailboat tea light holders are a really great way to give your guests blue wedding favors; especially if you are having a beach wedding. These lovely tea alights are made from blue glass that is cut in the shape of a sailboat to make for a great table decoration in addition to being a great wedding favor. Each tea light holder comes in a decorative box and includes a tea light candle to complete the package.

Anchor Luggage Tag

Blue Anchor Luggage TagsLuggage tags are always a really great wedding favor, and these anchor luggage tags are a great choice if you’re looking for something blue. They are very fun and are a perfect choice for any nautical themed wedding reception as well as for members of the armed forces. The great thing about giving out these luggage tags as your wedding favors is that your guests are sure to get plenty of use out of them.

Blue Gift Boxes

Blue Wedding Favor BoxesIf you find yourself stuck on what you want to give your guests for a wedding favor or can’t find that perfect item that happens to be blue, you can always put your wedding favors into a blue gift box. The benefit with gift boxes is that they look very nice sitting on your reception tables while at the same time hiding the goodies that are inside. This means that you can choose whatever wedding favors you want and still have them match the blue theme that you are trying to go for.

Tips for Choosing Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Monogram Wedding Cake TopperTypically, couples choose to have the traditional “bride and groom” figurines for the cake toppers on their wedding cake. However, as the tradition becomes more and more overplayed, more couples are choosing to do something a bit more unique. Though there are several options from which to choose, one of the most popular choices are monogram wedding cake toppers. There are many benefits and tips to consider when choosing monogram wedding cake toppers, and we will cover a handful of the most important ones.

Modern Style

Though cake toppers are a traditional feature for wedding cakes, moving away from the typical styles and into something more modern is a growing trend. If you stick with something “traditional”, you run the risk of looking too antiquated or out of touch with current trends. Though some couples prefer a classic look, more and more couples are choosing to aim for a modern look that monogram cake toppers can certainly provide.

Match Your Colors

One of the biggest perks of choosing a monogram wedding cake topper is that you can customize the look and color scheme of your initials. With so much ability to customize the colors and look, you can make your cake topper blend with nearly any wedding theme; no matter how unusual or custom. Best of all, there are dozens of great companies that offer various styles of monogram cake toppers for pretty much any style imaginable. There’s simply no substitute for a monogram style cake topper if you want the perfect combination of color and personal style.

A Personalized Touch

The best part of choosing a monogram cake topper is that you can make it as personal as you wish. You don’t need to go with something as simple as your just initials; you can also choose something like a favorite phrase or your full wedding date.  Though all monogram cake toppers will include your initials, you can make it even more personalized by adding something that’s unique and cherished by you and your soon-to-be spouse.

As monogram wedding cake toppers become more prevalent in the marketplace, the variety of choices also becomes vaster. As long as you keep in mind ways to make it match your color and theme as well as make it very personal, you can always stay with the times. Your wedding cake topper will serve as a great keepsake item for years to come, so making sure it is something you’ll cherish is very important to make your memories as great as possible.

Creating a Wedding Time Capsule

Time CapsuleWeddings are a fun and timeless event, so why not have your guests help you create time capsule to remember the event? Time capsules have been used for all sorts of events that are worthy of remembrance, and a wedding certainly fits that bill. On top of the importance of your wedding that makes it a great candidate for having a time capsule, your guests will have an unforgettable time helping you stuff it full of all kinds of items that will be fun and even silly when you open it down the road. Though it isn’t the most common practice at a wedding, this type of unique and fun idea can make your wedding stand out from the other weddings your guests will attend this year.

What to Put in Your Time Capsule

There are many great choices for what to put in your time capsule, but many of the choices are up to you. In fact, it’s that very type of personalization that makes a wedding time capsule such a fun and unique idea! Most people plan a pre-wedding party to get photos of their friends and family to include in the time capsule, as well as gather all the trinkets and mementos your guests want to include. If you are having trouble getting your guests excited about contributing fun things to put into your time capsule, you can always offer some kind of food or beverage as an incentive for their participation.

Where to Put Your Time Capsule

While most people would immediately think that burying their time capsule is the right thing to do, it is actually a risky choice that should probably not be made. The fact is that the ground can fluctuate vastly in temperature from winter to summer, and most time capsule shells can’t handle those types of changes very well. Also, if you plan to move before you would be opening you time capsule, then there’s the additional hassle of digging it up and re-burying it at your new home.

Opening Your Time Capsule

First off, you need to set a date when you’re putting your time capsule together. Most couples choose common anniversary dates such as their 25th anniversary for the date that they will be opening it. Furthermore, you will want to make sure you have a good guest list put together so you know who needs to be there when it is opened. Though the contents are intended for you as the bride and groom, some of your closest friends and family will want to be part of opening and viewing the contents after a whopping 25 years; especially since no one person will know all of the contents in advance.

3 Ideas to Save on Your Wedding

Change PurseWeddings can be one of the most fun and exciting days of your life, but they can also be very stressful if you have a strict budget. Budget constraints can quickly ruin the magic because that certain dress you’ve had your eye on can quickly become unobtainable if the costs run over on large expenses such as your venue or reception hall. Fortunately, by using a little restraint and a few key tips, you can trim the fat from your wedding expenses in some areas that can quickly get out of control and ensure that you have the budget room for the important purchases that will make your day unforgettable.

Plan it Like a Party

One of the easiest ways to keep costs in check is to think of your wedding as a party. Almost everyone has planned a party, so you are likely familiar with the idea of deciding on cheaper plastic forks or paper plates so you can spend a little extra on a wider variety or better quality food and snacks. If you think of your wedding purchases in the same way, you can invest your budget on all the right things that people will remember and save on the things that people don’t really care about. Know need to have crystal glasses for your fruit punch.

Look for a Large Open Space

Your venue will be one of the most expensive things that you have to fork out cash for during the wedding planning process. If you choose to have separate venues for your ceremony and reception, the costs can quickly eat up the majority of your wedding budget. The sensible thing to do, if you live in a warm area or are having your wedding in a warm season, is to look for a large outdoor space that can accommodate both parts of the celebration. Not only will this save you money versus booking two separate venues, but you can also usually find outdoor spaces for cheaper than indoor halls. A nice outdoor space can also make a better choice for decorating options because of the large quantity of space and natural beauty that has already given you a head start.

Big Fun, Low Money

Another concept that will help you save is to choose options that offer tons of fun for you and your guests but cost less than their traditional counterpart. For instance, instead of hiring a wedding photographer, you can rent a photo booth to get pictures of all of your guests. Honestly, so many people are going to be taking of your ceremony and the “big kiss” that someone is going to get a great picture. Also, with social media being so prevalent, gathering all the photos from your guests is very easy. There are several other great examples, but that should give you some ideas about thinking outside the box and how it can save you money on your wedding.

Decorating Your Wedding Car

Wedding Car DecorationsYou don’t have to have a flare for design or a massive budget to do a good job decorating your wedding car, and you also don’t need to do a cliché maneuver like tying tin cans to the back of it either. With just a few simple tips and tricks, you can decorate your wedding car to look elegant and fun for a small amount of money and hardly any effort at all.

Why You Should Decorate Your Wedding Car

Decorating your wedding car can be a really fun way to add your own personal touch to a wedding celebration. Arguably, your car decorations can make just as large of an impact as the ceremony or reception decorations but cost much less and take a fraction of the time and effort. Though your guests will be spending most of their time in the reception venue, letting everyone know you were “just married” and making a huge fuss as you leave after your wedding is just as important. While decorating at your actual wedding allows your guests to celebrate, decorating your wedding car allows everyone on the road to celebrate with you as well.

How Not to Decorate Your Car

If you follow the traditional rules for your wedding, the groomsmen are supposed to sneak out and decorate your “getaway” car without either the bride or groom being aware it is happening. However, this can cause some major issues if you have rented a car or limo like many couples do for their wedding. Furthermore, some people choose to have a vintage or classic car for their wedding vehicle which can easily be damaged if someone “decorates” in an inappropriate fashion. The last thing you want is for it to go overboard or actually damage the vehicle, so having your hand in the wedding car decorations is probably the best choice.

How You Should Decorate Your Car

Instead of letting a bunch of dudes go crazy with cans and shaving all over your car (most of who have probably been drinking) you should plan your car decorations in the same fashion that you plan all your other wedding decorations. Take your time and put all of your inspiration into the project so that it doesn’t end up looking rushed at the 11th hour and looks fantastic.

When to Decorate Your Wedding Car

If you are decorating the car as a surprise for the bride and groom, you’ll want to do some sleuthing and figure out the exact schedule for the wedding day. This should allow you to find an appropriate time to sneak off and get the car decorated. If you are going to decorate the car yourselves, you can either do it ahead of time so it’s waiting for you after your reception or you can make it a fun part of the reception by bringing the wedding party outside to help your decorate as your guest look on in excitement.

Men’s Wedding Suit Tips

Wedding SuitThough the groom’s suit usually takes the backseat to the bride’s wedding dress, having a few reliable suit buying tips can save you time and money which will allow you to focus on more important parts of the planning process. Though the groom’s suit receives less praise than the other fashion components, it is still important for you to feel comfortable and look stylish next to his bride on the altar. There is a few simple men’s wedding suit tips that will help simplify the process and make sure you are looking good and feeling great on the biggest day of your life.

Part of the conundrum is that there is a wide variety of styles available for men’s suits. Whether you’re looking to buy your wedding suit or just rent a tuxedo, there is a wide range of price levels available to fit any budget. Regardless of which option you choose, you want to feel comfortable, look stylish, and match the wedding dress that your bride is wearing.

Style Matters

Sorting through the various styles of tuxedos that are available for men can seem like a challenge. With options that range from formal to casual, choosing the right wedding suit can be a daunting task that doesn’t seem to come easy. To simplify things, you should go shopping armed with knowledge such as the overall color scheme you should be considering. Also, because you’re probably not allowed to see the bride’s dress before the wedding, you shouldn’t be afraid to rely on her opinion when you find something you think looks nice. She will definitely let you know if it will work, and she is the only authority you can trust since she known what her dress will look like.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a tuxedo style is to fit your body type. As long as the suit looks good on your body shape, matches the predetermined color schemes, and is approved by the bride; you should have no problem finding a nice looking wedding suit that won’t break the bank and looks fantastic at your ceremony.

Fit is Everything

Once you have decided on a suit style, you’ll want to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your body type. While many people assume that the shop you purchase your tuxedo at will do a fine job measuring you, it may depend on the type of suit you opt to purchase. If you are going for a formal tuxedo, they will probably get the fit perfect for your size. However, if you are choosing a more traditional suit style and adopting it to fit for a wedding, then you may want a snuffer fit than that type of suit typically offers. The person measuring should take that into consideration when they jot down their numbers and make sure you look sleek enough for a wedding.

Furthermore, if you are purchasing a tuxedo or already own a suit that you will be wearing at your wedding, you’ll need to have it tailored to fit your size. If you are reusing an existing suit, your body size may have changed enough over the years to make it necessary to alter a few sizes. Similarly, if you are buying a suit for your wedding, you will want to go in just a few weeks before your ceremony to make sure your sizes haven’t changed. A man’s body can change measurements from week to week or month to month, so making sure you have the perfect fit when the big day comes is crucial to looking good and feeling comfortable.

Useful Wedding Decorations

Wedding Piggy BankDecorating your reception area can be one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding, but it is also important to make sure your decorations are useful for the guests. Most couples don’t have an endless supply of money, so every part of your wedding should both look good and offer some fun for the people in attendance; and the decorations are no exception to this rule.

Fortunately, many companies that offer decorations for weddings are aware of these budget constraints and cater specifically to budget savvy couples who are looking for useful wedding decorations. I have made a list below of some of my favorite decorations that are sure to prove useful beyond just making your party hall look stunning and romantic.


Confetti is a great way to “jazz up” your reception tables because they can add a barrage of colors that would be impossible to achieve by other means. Making your tables look “busy” can contrast from the normally mundane decoration colors found at weddings which will make the entire event more entertaining for your guests. Best of all, your guests can have a lot of fun throwing the confetti throughout the reception or during your entrance making it a very useful decoration as well.


Sparklers are becoming very popular at weddings because they are so much fun and make pictures even more spectacular. There are hundreds of great companies out there, and many of them claim to be offering the best sparklers you can buy. Regardless of where you buy your sparklers from, they are a great addition to any centerpiece design are obviously something all of your guests will enjoy using.

Piggy Banks

Piggy banks are a unique and cute idea that I thought was pretty useful for the newlywed couple. The piggy banks will obviously look very nice on the tables, but also serve as a fun way for wedding guests to give money gifts to the wedding couple anonymously. While it’s more useful for the lucky couple than the guests, it’s still a very fun idea.


Candy is a classic treat for guests to enjoy while they sit at their tables, but few realize how versatile the little sweeties are. Much like confetti, the proper mix of candy can add some much needed color to bland looking reception tables while also satisfying the sweet tooth of your guests. This combination of aesthetics and deliciousness puts candy on my list of the most useful wedding decorations.